Thursday, 6 February 2014



when u think that u are strong enough, then its the time u tend to looked back.. and when u do, somehow,. past is always going to hurt you... although you have paid such price for your mistakes, your lost or even your time, its not going to recover the wound it caused,.. forget? forgive? regretfully,.. this dilemma keep hunting.. insist to moved on? i have no where go?.

i am sorry, i guess, there is nothing i be able to say or persuade you that all i need is time and space, i know you might say that i am not being fair to me or you and only punishing my self for some stupid reason..

for every person that has their own past,some might hurt. in your case, u need help, and you looked at me and expect i am a healer,. you think i can help you,..  i guess, the person who needed help is me.. i need to heal up before i can help other..

i have no idea how long will i take.. 
or what future will bring.

for this moment and situation one reason i always believe in

some may crush and fall-in
some may hurt, who never believe-in
for every reason u have-in
there`s  a plan for you by Him...

“Dan Mereka Merancang, Allah juga merancang, Dan ALLAH sebaik-baik Perancang”  ( al-Imran : 54)

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