Thursday, 29 December 2011


coming soon 2012

new Label

i`ve been thinking since months ago about making a new label for my Photography...
it`s not just udy haji anur..

i believe..all my touch.. my sense of arts.. even my point of view its coming from my blood.. which is my dad`s bloodline who has an artist talent.. realizing its not just udy haji anur... i decide not to take all credit of my artwork instead of giving it to the new label...


haji Mohd Anur.. my father`s name.. Nur in arabic means light.. so A-nur means a light.. it suits the concept of photography... Photography is painting in light..

so this coming 2012 ... by praying n putting my effort on this new label.. im hoping that i will make him proud that i carry his name... and i will achieve something out of it... ameen..


Saturday, 17 December 2011

Lily & Si Embun Kuala Lumpur Photography

A Photography outing that i attend on 17th dec 2011... 
there are numbers of talent,lots of photog , i think about 30 or maybe more who join this outing.. from pros to beginner level..

as always, i dont randomly cap any talent..hihih.. it is my habit to choose my fav 1st..:P here few of my cap..

Friday, 16 December 2011

# 4 unfinished..

I always follow my heart..
cause it knows what is `best`... 
as my arts, its tells me what is the best image to be captured on my canvas..

The image below referring to my heart`s best image.. yup! the best image at that moment... 
but..although do my heart knows what the best.. it does not know whether it`s wrong or right...
i knw `in his willing` i can make a decent artwork.. alhamdulillah...

unfinished and work in progress (wip) is two different thing...

as this artwork took a very long hard work and effort i finally can claim this artwork is..`Unfinished`...

# 3 International Conference


Date   : 12 -13 dec 2011 

Host   : Ministry Of Higher Education, Malaysia
Venue  : Hotel Corus Kuala Lumpur

internatinal participants

Product promoted to Mejar Md. Nor Yusof
Director General
Department of Polytechnic Education,
Ministry of Higher Education, Malaysia

One of speaker from Germany preparing his speech

My flag

One of aggressive speaker represent Polytechnic of Singapore

Friday, 21 October 2011

# 2 Back in track..

givin up my arts..

itu yg aku rase, lepas berprasangka yang `seni` xkn bwk aku kemane...
"udy.... u gonna endup in line of arts."
mak used to said that..

i did try my best to prove dat she is wrong bout me...

..but mak,..  she never wrong bout me..

so back in 2007 im `back in track..

as a labor worker in daytime, at night, i enjoyed being alone in room sitting in front of my computer doing digital painting.  since i left school, i rarely use free hand media, such canvas, brush and paint.. instead using Photoshop as a new media to apply my arts..
( maybe i`m not good in free hander,.. hihi )

sekarang.. livin my arts...

one behind my `photo`.....