Friday, 21 October 2011

# 2 Back in track..

givin up my arts..

itu yg aku rase, lepas berprasangka yang `seni` xkn bwk aku kemane...
"udy.... u gonna endup in line of arts."
mak used to said that..

i did try my best to prove dat she is wrong bout me...

..but mak,..  she never wrong bout me..

so back in 2007 im `back in track..

as a labor worker in daytime, at night, i enjoyed being alone in room sitting in front of my computer doing digital painting.  since i left school, i rarely use free hand media, such canvas, brush and paint.. instead using Photoshop as a new media to apply my arts..
( maybe i`m not good in free hander,.. hihi )

sekarang.. livin my arts...

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